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Top 5 playgrounds for the entire family to enjoy in North and West Vancouver

Planning a family outing can be a bit of a struggle, more so if the kids’ ages are varied.  You want to make sure you please everyone, from the toddlers to the older, more adventurous kids.


Some playgrounds decidedly cater to the younger lot, leaving older kids bored; some are too ‘advanced’ for tiny tots.  Luckily there are a few playgrounds on our beautiful North Shore where your entire family can have fun: they have everything from baby swings to fast slides that even the adults will love - if they dare to slide down them!


Here’s our list of the top 5 playgrounds in North and West Vancouver which are sure to entertain the whole family - including you!

#5 Ray Perrault Park Playground

Centrally-located plus lighted for the winter months when it gets dark just around evening playtime! 


#4 Digger Park Playground

Massive sand area, lots of trails and playground structures for toddlers and older kids.


#3 Pauline Johnson Elementary School Playground

Open to the general public only outside of school hours, but worth the wait! 


#2 John Lawson Park Playground

Everything you could possibly want, from a tree house to a choo-choo train and so much more!


#1 Moodyville Park Playground and Skate Park

This is IT, it does not get better than this on the North Shore if you are looking to entertain the entire family. From zip-lines to a trampoline, cool log structures to climb, a massive slide, a 'baby+one" swing and even a skate park!


If you have a top favourite, please email us at


And now, grab the whole family and plan a super fun outing for everyone to enjoy!

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