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John Lawson Park Playground and Spray Park

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toddler structure | high crowds | bathrooms | low traffic caution | parking | transit nearby | sand box | baby swings | picnic tables

This is a beautiful playground in a beautiful oceanside setting. It has something for everyone; from the youngest toddlers to the more adventurous climbers. 


There is a fantastic structure in the shape of a traditional treehouse, lots to climb and hang from, baby swings, a xylophone and even a choo-choo train. 


The park is divided into 3 areas: the main playground, the spray park and the sand play area. 


The spray park is small and offers some less aggressive options compared to other spray parks like Mahon on Viewlynn. You can definitely take younger kids who may be just starting to appreciate being sprayed and soaked without emptying a whole bucket of water over their heads and scaring them into tears. 


A fun feature is a slide made of little rods - like a convenience belt, which is nearly impossible to climb up and it will be an experiment to try for all kids new to this park. There is a similar mechanism in a structure at Delbrook. 


Finally the sand play is just amazing and beautiful! With little house-like structures to climb and play with along with water features and a cute seal structure to climb on or run around,  you and your kids will definitely want to stay there for a while. The kids will have a blast while you admire the gorgeous setting.

John Lawson park also has picnic tables and you can access the seawall or the pier for extra exploring.   It is easily accessibly by transit and there is plenty of allocated parking. 


Bear in mind that this playground is as great as it is busy! You will find lots of kids on weekends and sunny days for sure. 


You can end your day by popping across the street for some frozen yogurt or a snack along the Ambleside strip.

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