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Moodyville Park Playground and Skate Park

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high traffic | bathrooms | low traffic caution | nearby transit | sand box | baby swings | picnic tables

This is one of the best and most complete playgrounds in the North Shore. It has something for everyone no matter the age.... grownups too! 


I’m not sure if I was more excited to be there than my kid but this playground is just the epitome of fun.  


The skater park has softer edges and curves so even younger kids can enjoy it.


There is a toddler/grownup swing set that is sure to be one of the favourite things for the younger ones. 


The massive wooden structures provide incredible options for adventures, there’s lots to climb and a huge metal toboggan to slide through that may give some grownups a bit of a rush too. 


With 2 zip lines (the fun rope kind), a trampoline, and a sandbox with a water feature and trucks to play with, kids can spend an entire day with their friends and adults having the time of their lives. 


Careful supervision will be needed for several structures. It is a very large playground and can get busy so bear that in mind when playing around other kids. 

The slides are the only downside to this park. They are metal and on a hot day they can get hot and uncomfortable to use, more so in a dress or shorts! There is a wider, short slide which looks like fun, but it's too steep so kids can fly out if they are not careful. I myself fell out when going on it with my kid, it was not my brightest idea of the day! 


This park is nestled within the new Moodyville complex and with access to the Spirit Trail. Parking is quite limited and available just in adjacent streets. 


It has bathrooms, picnic tables and lounge chairs, perfect to organise a picnic or a gathering.

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