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Little Libraries on the North Shore

We are so happy to be able to share with you United Way's community project where you can find dozens of little libraries across the North Shore.  We look forward to supporting them along the way as we enjoy these little gems with our families.  Read all about it below and check out the google map, amazing treasures await to be discovered...just around the corner from your home!

What IS the “North Shore Little Libraries” all about?

This group was created out of a love for little free libraries, and to celebrate the joy these little libraries have brought to our community. We were inspired by the United Way’s project to document and map out all of the little libraries on the North Shore (there are over 80!). Along with the United Way, and some little library “stewards” and enthusiasts- this group was created! 


The map of all the little free libraries is continually growing, as we receive emails from stewards or discover them ourselves around the community. The map shows the location of these libraries, as well as a photo. We have also been adding a description of how or why a little library was created, more detailed instructions on how to find it, or what they typically have inside!


And little free libraries aren't just books either! We have mapped libraries for sharing plants, seeds, fibre (yarn/fabric), craft supplies, and more. The North Shore is such a generous community! 

To open with the Google Maps app on your mobile device scroll to the top right corner and click the square [  ]

How do you use little libraries?

General rule- take one or two books to read. If you’re able, come back again to donate some books or return the ones you read. If you’re not able to return to the same little library, think about donating to another little library to keep the free books flowing in our community. Similarly with the other little libraries, take only one or two things you will use & enjoy, and be sure to donate again when you’re able! 


We have recently been awarded a GRANT from United Way! 

Our focus will be on the promotion of little libraries through activities in the community. We are planning surprise book drop offs, events to discover little libraries in our community, and prizes! Cost to participate is FREE. Please reach out with any questions or comments, or if you would like to help, we definitely could use it! Also, if you have a business (especially in the Lolo neighbourhood) and would like to participate please let us know.


Get in touch

For the latest updates on activities, news, feature little libraries, and more- please follow us on Facebook or Instagram: @northshorelittlelibraries 


If you are interested in creating your own little library or applying for a United Way grant, contact Sarah at United Way 

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