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Pauline Johnson Elementary School Playground

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med crowds | gated | low traffic caution | nearby transit | baby swings

This playground is on the school’s property, and it is only open to the public outside of school days/hours.  If you can pop by for a visit then, you won’t regret it, it is full of fun things to play with and nature to explore.


Pauline Johnson playground has something for everyone.  There is a structure for toddlers to play in plus one baby swing.  A second, much larger play structure is full of cool contraptions, a hanging zip line, different types of monkey bars, lots to climb onto and hang from and of course slides.


A cool and unique feature of this playground is a set of hanging tires to swing from.  The older kids will absolutely love this - and some adults too!


There are a couple of basketball hoops to bounce a basketball and a few painted shapes on the ground for games like hopscotch.


Next to the gated park is an open area for movement games, kicking the ball, or riding a small bike.  A set of cut trees and stumps can provide the perfect setting for some jumping or to sit on and tell stories or even have a snack.


There is a small wooded/nature section towards the back, with a mini creek and some rocks to sit on.  Lots to explore here and opportunities to let the imagination run wild.

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