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Meet the Team


Annie & Sebastian

Sebastian is a super happy and active 2-year old boy who loves pizza, tacos, Shaun the Sheep, visits to his Abuela's and playing with his mum! Annie is an entrepreneur who grew up in West Vancouver and after a short stint in the UK came back home to start a family. Running a business plus being a full-time mum keeps her super busy, but Sebastian is undoubtedly her #1 priority and they are always on the lookout for classes, activities and fun things to do together.  


That's why she thought of a platform to gather all kid-friendly activities and events in the North Shore.  Instead of spending lots of time researching, everyone can now have more time to play and learn!.... Our aim is to canvass the beautiful North Shore to bring you amazing ideas so you and your kids can enjoy to the fullest the most beautiful place in the world!


Maris & Henrik

While Henrik was born on the North Shore, Maris is a transplant from overseas.  She had been active in the outdoors - trail running, climbing, hiking - prior to having kids, and is currently working on finding ways to cultivate the same passion for the outdoors in her son.  That means you can often find them hiking, (stroller) running or camping, or generally enjoying the amazing natural environment on the North Shore.

Icons from the Noun Project and made by Becris / Made / Saruja / Larea / Pixelz Studio / Rizki / K. Armstrong / Alison / B.Davies /  365 / A.Oleynik
Capilano Lake Image by Gregozphotos
Family Image on Homepage by freepic.diller
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