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Fairmont Park Playground

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toddler structure | low crowds | gated | low traffic caution | baby swings | picnic tables

Fairmont Park is the perfect park for toddlers just learning how to use playgrounds. Shaded, gated, and peaceful.

Fairmont Park is located around the corner from Highlands Elementary school and is designed for younger children (aged 2-5).  With the more popular parks Delbrook  and Dudley Place justa few blocks away, this park is often overlooked -- which makes this the perfect park if you’re looking for something safe and quiet.

The structure is quite colourful and you cannot miss the big ABC climbing wall. There are multiple ways to learn to climb and a double slide to race down with a friend. There is a baby swing and a regular-sized swing. Additional features include the bouncy bike and the bongo drums.

There is convenient street parking all along Fairmont Road and a gate dividing the street from the park.

To the south of the playground you will see pathways leading into the woods. Follow the path to find a picnic table, or keep walking around the corner to check out the playground at Highlands Elementary School and see how the big kids play.

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