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Dudley Place Playground

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toddler structure | med crowds | med traffic caution

Dudley Place, near Edgemont Village, allows children to discover their imagination with its creative design, learning activities, and interactive games.

Dudley Place is the place to be! A must-see park near Edgemont Village, it is shaped like a village itself and in a quiet community.

The main structure consists of three smaller structures connected by tunnels. The design of the playground structures is delightfully colourful and whimsical.  The bright red fire truck instantly ignites your imagination. The firehall, which is behind the truck, has a slide and doggy house. Crawl through the tunnel to the school hall, where there are fun seek-and-find games. Keep on crawling to the market where you will find healthy snack ideas and more. The ground is made of soft rubber which is coloured to look like a road around the village.

This park tends to be busy as it is quite fun and unique. Unfortunately, there is no parking lot so drivers must contend with limited street parking. The playground is not gated, so full supervision is a must.

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