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Highlands Elementary School Playground

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low crowds | gated | lighting | low traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | picnic tables

Highlands Elementary School playground was designed for fun. Climb, spin, swing, and slide as you explore this obstacle course of a playground.

The easiest way to access the playground at Highlands Elementary School is by parking on Fairmont road and entering the gate beside the preschool portables. Other than this gate, the playground is completely fenced in. Within eyesight you can see all that this playground has to offer.

There are three areas with structures. The first area has 6 regular swings and two tire swings, as well as a large rope climbing structure. The second play area has metal circular climbers, a vertical bridge climber, tandem slides for racing, a metal seesaw, spinning swivel seats, and hanging spinners.

The third main area is an obstacle course of fun. The tall twisty tunnel slide is accompanied by four other slides. Try crossing the swinging bridge, monkey bars, wobbly balance steps, and metal U-bridge. A few other fun things to check out are the rock wall, swirly pole, and log roll.

As most elementary school parks are designed for elementary school aged children, this playground is not suitable for toddlers. However, around the corner there is a wonderful playground for toddlers at Fairmont Park.

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