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Splash Parks on the North Shore

Nothing says summer like a splash park and we are very lucky to have 7 on the North Shore! Our kids tested every single one of them and we took notes to highlight their features and what to be on the lookout for.  Our kids had a blast and so will yours! 


Each park has something unique and will appeal to different age groups, but all are sure to offer a fun time on a hot day. To find all of them in Google Maps CLICK HERE.

This park in Ambleside is the ultimate splash park for toddlers and young kids.  Their water jets are not aggressive and some of the water structures are specifically designed with young kids in mind: they are smaller and with lower water pressure. There are no big surprise-splash-scares, so no need to watch out for them!  For full playground description CLICK HERE.

Eldon splash park is located in Eldon Park near Capilano Highlands.  It features two water guns, ground jets, a fun arc with spraying water and an overhead bucket that dumps water when full.  It is most suited for younger kids as the streams are not too strong, and the water guns are easy to reach even for younger toddlers.  Right nearby are the washrooms, playground and greenspace for running around.  For full playground description CLICK HERE.

This is a small yet fun splash park in Upper Lynn Valley, located on the side of the large field and green diamond, just next to the bathrooms and the parking lot.  The jets are not aggressive, there are no water guns and some water features are gentle enough for younger tots learning to play in the water.  Watch out for the big pole in the middle with the bucket - when full, it will splash and soak anyone standing under it and may scare young tots.  For full playground description CLICK HERE.