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Viewlynn Park Playground and Splash Park

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toddler structure | high crowds | bathrooms | medium traffic caution | nearby transit | picnic tables | splash park

Viewlynn is the perfect park for a beautiful sunny day.  Located just around the corner from Lynn Valley Centre, this park has it all for the younger kids.

The structures are a bit smaller and easier for toddlers or younger kids to use.  There are 3 play structures: one for the littlest ones, one for a bit older toddlers, plus monkey bars and ladders.  There are 2 baby swings, no regular sized ones.  For those musically inclined, the park has several outdoor percussion instruments.

There is a see-saw and a couple of rocking vehicles for young tots.

This park is ideal for a picnic or outdoor celebrations.

There is parking on the street and bathrooms as well as an area with a basketball hoop and a field for softball/baseball.

One of its unique features is the seasonal splash park. It has 2 water guns and various water jets shooting water up from the ground.  These are always the best ones to introduce young kids to!  You’ll need to watch out for the big pole in the middle with the 3 buckets.  Every time one fills up, it empties onto anyone standing under it.  This may be a ton of fun for some but if a young tot is not expecting a massive splash, it may be a very scary thing to go through!  And make sure you’re not standing under them while supervising the kids!

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