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Mosquito Creek Park Playground

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toddler structure | low crowds | bathrooms | low traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | sand box | baby swings

This playground is next to the large grass field in Mosquito Creek Park, and at the southern end of Mosquito Creek Trail.  While small, the thoughtful and simple structures along with a sandpit for digging are usually a hit with the kids.  This park caters more to a younger crowd except for a few climbing elements.  You’ll often have the entire place to yourself.  It may not be a destination playground, but if you are looking for half a day (or a couple of hours) of combined playground fun and nature exploration on a trail hikeable even for the smallest of hikers, this is for you. 

The playground is divided into two separate areas: one for toddlers with rocking structures, a slide, a few climbing elements and a couple of other structures for playing peekaboo or climbing over.  The surface cover here is sand, so bring your sand toys.  The other area features a baby swing and a regular swing as well as a climbing structure more suitable for older kids, including a mini climbing wall.  The playground is surrounded by a grass field perfect for ball games or other movement activities, and at least for our family, a stop at the playground here often turns into an impromptu hike along Mosquito Creek Trail.  


While the bordering roads are quite busy, the playground is separated from traffic by fairly large fields, but traffic noise is clearly audible.  There are no traditional picnic tables at the playground, but you’ll find funky metal chairs and tables that are perfect for a snack.  There is a portable toilet just north of the playground, at the beginning of Mosquito Creek Trail near 17th St. W entrance

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