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Mosquito Creek Trail

If you want to just let your kids run on a trail in the woods, and not have to worry about steep drop-offs or about the need to constantly consult a map, Mosquito Creek Trail is for you.  The trail follows Mosquito Creek from 17th Street West all the way up to Montroyal Boulevard, is stroller and bike friendly, and even has options for working in a visit to more than one playground.   



The southern terminus of the trail is in Mosquito Creek Park, near 17th Street West and Fell Avenue, right near the large grass field and playground.  There is no designated parking lot, but street parking is usually available.  A portable toilet is available at the beginning of the trail.  The trail is wide and hard packed, and suitable for both biking as well as walking or running with a stroller (you may need a stroller with a bit more suspension to cushion the otherwise bumpy ride).  Alternatively, there is a large parking lot at Delbrook Community Centre off of Queens Road, about half way up the trail.  Note that the trail is popular for off-leash dog walking, so make sure you are fine with four legged kids romping around you.  There are garbage bins and benches scattered throughout the trail, perfect for a mid-walk snack break.  

If you want to combine hiking with a visit to a playground, consider Mosquito Creek playground at 17th Street West and Fell Avenue, or trek up to Dudley Place Park in Edgemont from William Griffin Park.  William Griffin Park also has a skatepark.



Mosquito Creek Trail runs from 17th Street West all the way up to Montroyal Boulevard.  The southern part - from 17th Street West up to William Griffin Park at Delbrook Community Centre - is a wide, well groomed trail right next to Mosquito Creek.  It’s under a thick canopy of trees, so a good place to consider on a rainy day.  Come for a walk with your kids (it’s a great place to work on young tots’ hiking stamina), bring a bike, or do a stroller run if running is your thing (we’ve routinely run on this with a trail-worthy running stroller). 


Shortly after beginning the trail, you’ll notice an opening in the fence for a signed side trail that parallels the main trail for a bit and then rejoins back.  It’s a wonderfully tranquil path with boardwalks and little bridges over small ponds and streams.  Dogs and bicycles are not allowed, so you’ll most likely find solitude here.  If you are patient, you may even spot fish in the little ponds.  Back on the main trail, you’ll soon find a small “beach” right at the creek’s edge.  If coming from the north, the shore access is shortly after the highway underpass.


Once you arrive at William Griffin Park, you can either turn back or continue to the northern part of the trail. 


At William Griffin Park, next to the skatepark, you’ll need to cross West Queens Road, and walk a short distance along Del Rio Drive to get to the continuation of the trail.  The northern section of the trail begins in the trees (can you find the ‘Good Luck’ tree?), but soon rejoins Mosquito Creek and enters a fairly wide clearing that runs along the creek.  Towards Montroyal Bridge, the trail narrows and climbs more steeply.  The end of the trail is just beyond the bridge.

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