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McNair Place Park Playground

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toddler structure | low crowds | gated | low traffic caution

McNair Place Park is as magical as it is hard to find. The perfect park for when you’re feeling extra adventurous. 

Hidden behind Upper Lynn Elementary School, among the towering forest trees, you will find McNair Place Playground -- an absolutely enchanting park with gorgeous scenery. The direct access point to the park is via McNair Place; at the end of the road there is a small pathway that leads to the park. This is in a residential area, so parking may not be available. Alternatively, you can park near Upper Lynn Elementary School and walk around to the back of the school and cross the gravel field to find the playground. 


The actual playground consists of two main structures -- one aimed at older children and the other at toddlers. The first structure is a large wooden climbing dome with rope netting. The urge to climb the structure and reach the tall trees is irresistible. Next to that are two metal spinners. The entire play area has soft wood chips on the ground.


Down the hill slightly is the other play structure which has a soft rubber ground. Designed by the same playground makers as Dudley Place you will instantly recognize the adorable miniature play house style. Completely toddler appropriate, there are steps leading up into the house, a soft ladder to climb into the house, and a slide to go out of the house. Outside the house there is a play mailbox and inside the house there are look-and-find games. 

There are quite a few activities around the park, including a colour change puzzle, gear spinner, colour spinner, light spinner, and voice travel tube. For the musically inclined, there are large metal chimes with attached mallets you can use to play music. There are also two rides: a sit and spin and a two-person bouncer. Nearby are different paths that lead through the forest and bike trails. Escape Adventures uses these trails for bike lessons. (Watch out! There may be a lot of bikers around!)

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