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Mahon Park Playground and Spray Park

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toddler structure | high crowds | bathrooms | med traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | baby swings | picnic tables | spray park

Located next to the Fen Burdett Stadium and with direct access to Mahon Park this playground has it all. Kids of all ages, from toddlers to junior high kids, will enjoy a summer day in the spray. 


Mahon Park has something for everyone: an ample spray park with three sections, two of which are more toddler-friendly; two baby swings (sorry, no regular swings); a super fun swing-lounger; a spring-mounted seesaw; a hanging spinner for older kids; and a fun choo-choo train feature which lets the little ones become conductors or passengers to faraway lands for the day.


There is a large area for picnics and gatherings, and you can always pop over to the stadium next door to play soccer or run around the track.


There is nearby public transportation and parking on adjacent streets or in the grassy parking lot at the corner of Jones Avenue and 18th St. West.  Although this park is on a street with moderate traffic, the playground and spray park are at the back of the site, making this a safe option for runaway toddlers.

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