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Top Ideas for Rainy Days

Welcome to that time of the year when you can't remember the last time we had more than a few hours of sunlight a day.  "Raincouver" can be the most beautiful city in the world, but it can also be one of the wettest, or at least it feels like that when you have kids that ache to go out and play.

We have tried and tested a few options for (free or low-cost) activities to do under the rain, and these were the ones our kids enjoyed the most, we hope our suggestions work for yours too! 

#1 Set sail and take a "cruise" - a round trip on the Seabus is always an adventure, more so for the little ones! Park at the Quay and you won't even need an umbrella. Let the kids buy their own tickets and explain to them the different transit zones. Make sure they spot the famous owl! It keeps changing location, and to this day, I still look for it every time I come back to the North Shore on the Seabus.
Get the front seats with the best views and enjoy the ride!
Afterwards pop by the Quay for a treat.


#2 Skate park at Shipyards - there won't be an ice skate park this season, but the Shipyards have arranged a few fireplaces, chairs and tables in the area and it can be a super fun activity for the kids. The boulders will add to the adventure: run, climb, jump and even climb on the old truck next to the park.  You can just sit by a fireplace and relax with a nice hot cocoa while the kids run around without getting wet.

#3 Hike a trail with heavy canopy tree cover - You'll barely feel the rain when you visit the Capilano River Regional Park.  The abundance of trees provides a natural cover from the elements, it is great for a rainy day!  


#4 Try a rain-friendly playground - there are a lot of options out there, a good example is Delbrook Park Playground.   The floor in the toddler side is made of a soft sponge-like surface that absorbs water so there are no puddles to fall into while playing and the older kids' structure sits on wood chips, which will make it less muddy and slippery.  When looking for your perfect "rain playground" make sure you check for potential puddles at the bottom of the slide(s) and under the swings.  These can be scary, more so for the little ones who may not be expecting a big splash!

Avoid playgrounds with lots of wooden structures as they can be slippery. John Lawson in West Van is a good example of a super fun playground to avoid when wet.

BONUS TIPS: If you have a look at the forecast and can plan a couple of days in advance, you can also do drop-ins at the pool in West Van (advanced reservations needed click HERE) or setup a free "take out" order with the North Vancouver District Library!  For details click HERE.

Whatever you choose to do, remember the old Norwegian saying: "There is no bad weather, just bad clothing" and have fun out there! 

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