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St. Andrew's Park Playground

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toddler structure | med crowds | bathrooms | gated | low traffic caution | nearby transit | baby swings | picnic tables

This is an ideal park to take your younger kids to! Located behind St. Andrew’s United Church in North Vancouver, this park is fully gated and features plenty of tables to organize picnics and gatherings, a turf hill to roll down, sand to play with, and two sets of swings: one with four baby swings and another with two baby and three regular swings. 


A track goes all the way around the park; kids can bring their mini bikes, tricycles, or scooters.  You’ll need to supervise a toddler if they are walking on it, as there are some areas that may present a falling hazard.


There is a large area to play with sand, with several contraptions to scoop, funnel, and strain the sand, along with a small water feature to help with making sand sculptures or just for squishing wet sand between your fingers.  The water feature is not always turned on, however.


Towards the back of the park, there is a more lushly vegetated area with rocks to sit, climb, and play on. The little ones will need more supervision here; there are sharp rocks and other potential hazards, as this area is a bit “wilder”. 


One of the playground’s unique features is a large round structure that rotates. You can sit or lay on it and try to grab on to see if you can go all the way around! There are a few other playgrounds with smaller versions of it: Irwin Park and Delbrook. Maybe try finding your favourite?


Another area perfect for toddlers has a few “pods” to pretend play various scenarios, and each has a mini-lounger/swing.


Although this park is more suited for the little ones, there is a nice structure for older kids with plenty of things to climb and hang from.  


There is one port-a-potty on-site and plenty of shaded areas.  Parking is on the street, and the bus stop is nearby.

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