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Shipyards Playground

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toddler structure | low crowds | lighting | low traffic caution | nearby transit | picnic tables

This little unassuming play nook in the Shipyards District only has two structures and a metal life-size car to climb into, but it offers views of Vancouver over the water and proximity to shopping, restaurants and other hustle and bustle in Shipyards. 


The playground is right on the Spirit Trail, so if you are walking, biking, or running, it’s a nice place to stop as it also has a picnic table.  If traveling east on Spirit Trail, it is hidden from view until you are right upon it.  


The play options here are quite limited: the playground has a small climbing structure and a three-seater wobble structure - both most likely to only appeal to smaller kids.  The rest of the play area is filled with a few large rocks and landscaping that’s quite pleasing to the eye in the concrete jungle that is Shipyards and Lower Lonsdale.  It’s overall a nice stop if you are out and about on the trail anyway, but probably not worth the time to trek over from farther afield.  


There is no playground parking, so you will have to either use one of the nearby parkades or try your luck with street parking.  There are no washrooms at the playground.

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