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Sherwood Park Playground

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toddler structure | low crowds | low traffic cautions | nearby transit | baby swings

Located in the middle of a residential neighbourhood just west of Dollarton in Deep Cove, Sherwood Park is practically unknown to anyone except nearby families. But if you’re looking for a small, quiet, toddler-friendly park where you’re likely to be the only ones there, Sherwood Park fits the bill.

With multiple climbing/balance obstacles that are low to the ground and two low slides, Sherwood Park is geared toward younger kids. In addition to a chain rope ladder and mini climbing walls, there are two regular swings, one baby swing, a spinning swivel seat, a spring-loaded bouncer that seats 4 tots, a curvy balance beam, one side-by-side dual racing slide, and one regular slide. A lounger swing used to hang beside the baby swing, but is missing now.

The playground is often deserted, as it’s situated away from the road and located on a street that is on the way to nowhere. If you didn’t live in this area (or follow North Shore Kids), you’d never know it existed. Depending on what you’re looking for in a playground, however, this might be just what you want. For example, for a toddler playdate meet-up spot, this might be ideal, because your group will have the run of the place.

Older kids, however, may quickly tire of this playground. While there are climbing obstacles that could appeal to them, most aren’t going to be challenging for older kids, and the regular swings don’t have long chains, so they don’t swing high enough to spike the adrenaline of anyone over 1 meter tall.

There are no washrooms and no picnic table at this park (although there is a bench). Street parking only, but there are usually a lot of available spots.

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