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Semisch Park Playground

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med crowds | lighting | low traffic caution | nearby transit | baby swings

Semisch Park Playground in Lower Lonsdale is a fun park tucked away between W1st and W2nd - its brand new structures may be your new favourites in the area!

This playground just recently got an upgrade and it shows! The main structure has a fantastic round slide - super slippery so the little ones will need extra attention, but the older kids (and their grown ups) will love it! Lots of options to hang from and a fun ramp to climb up, plus three different options to climb down, a swively pole, a regular straight pole and a chain-ladder.

The playground also has a merry-go-round/climbing combo structure that is easy to use for the little ones, yet exhilarating for the older kids who can climb to the top while it spins round and round.

There are two swings: a baby and a regular one.

There are no bathrooms or picnic tables and although the playground is not gated, it is located far enough from traffic to be quite safe for runaway kids.  Be aware that there is an alleyway and cars may come and go, but the main streets are far away from the main playground.

Parking is on adjacent streets only and with time limits. It can be accessed from either W1st or W2nd streets.

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