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Princess Park Playground

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toddler structure | med crowds | bathrooms | gated | low traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | picnic tables

This playground is nestled within Princess Park, a 15 hectare park in a residential area in the Upper Lonsdale/Lynn Valley area of North Vancouver.  The fully-fenced playground is about 100 meters into the park from the parking lot, so you can leave worries about traffic and city noise behind.

It has a seesaw, three different slide options of different heights (including one for toddlers and one decidedly for bigger kids), a few climbing structures, a baby swing, and a swing with a large comfy seat.  The fenced-off playground is right next to a picnic field complete with a picnic shelter and more swings, including one more baby swing.

While there are no special attractions at this playground --  e.g., neither a water feature nor a sandbox -- its location within Princess park makes it particularly appealing if you want to take your little ones for a splash in the creek, ride bikes, or romp through the woods.  Note that your kids will be romping there along with plenty of off-leash dogs, as it’s a very popular park for off-leash dog walking.

The parking lot for Princess Park and playground access is located on 3500/3600 Princess Avenue, and you can also catch bus #230 to get there.  Washrooms are at the parking lot.

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