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Parkgate Park Playground and Fitness Park

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toddler structure | low crowds | bathrooms | low traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | picnic tables

A short walk through the trees and over a creek from the Parkgate Community Centre, Parkgate Park boasts a playground for kids and one for adults (in the form of a fitness park). With ample parking and little in the way of crowds, this park will entertain both young and old.

Parkgate Park playground is very toddler friendly, with a spring-mounted ride-on toy, low climbing structures, and one slide that’s easy to get up to via steps. Another slide will appeal to older kids who can choose one of several climbing obstacles that offer access to the top.

But you actually get two playgrounds for the price of one here. Steps away from the “official” playground is the outdoor fitness park, aimed at seniors. Multiple balance obstacles and strength conditioning apparatuses make very attractive climbing structures for kids. Your child will probably switch back and forth between the playground and the fitness centre, finding new ways to interact with all the features.

For nature-lovers, the trails leading from the park’s southeastern-most corner (one of which will take you to Parkgate Community Centre) offer a shaded walk among tall trees and a babbling brook.

This park has washrooms just steps from the playground, and three picnic tables, two of which are within easy eyesight of the playground. Although the park is open later, the gates to the parking lot close at dusk, so if you’re planning on staying late, park on the street or at nearby Parkgate Community Centre.

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