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Panorama Park Playground

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toddler structure | high crowds | bathrooms | low traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | picnic tables

The main destination of any visit to Deep Cove (aside from Honey’s Doughnuts!) is Panorama Park, with its stunning view of the cove and Indian Arm, multiple adjacent trails through mature trees and over babbling creeks, and ample lawn for picnicking and sunbathing. For older kids, the playground is a stunner.

If you have older kids, you can be sure that they will be entertained when you visit Panorama Park. The playground’s main feature is a giant purple twisty tube slide whose launch platform towers above the ground. The only way up is via climbing obstacles (with cages around them, for safety), so this feature is most definitely NOT toddler-friendly.

For younger kids, there are a few low climbing obstacles and monkey bars, a spinning swivel seat, a play steering wheel to turn, a tic-tac-toe board, a musical scale to play with printed music to follow along with, and one low toddler slide with barely enough incline to get a child from the top to the bottom. These features, however, seem like inadequate concessions to the younger set — an attempt to make up for the fact that the main attraction (the groovy purple slide) is inaccessible to them.

Younger kids may be more entertained on the nearby beach, which is stony, but not overly rocky. One particular toddler has been known to spend hours sitting on the beach, picking up “attractive” stones and handing them to her parent to “keep safe”.

In summer, swimming is common despite the cold water temperature, and there’s a floating swim platform in the water to jump off of.

Panorama Park has washrooms and many picnic tables and benches. On a sunny weekend or summer day, the park and playground are very popular, but mid-week during the school year or on a gloomier day, it might be you and 10 other people in the whole park.

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