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McCartney Creek Park Playground

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med crowds | gated | lighting | low traffic caution | baby swings | picnic tables

Located in the expansive McCartney Creek Park, this playground won’t knock your socks off but is nevertheless a nice stop if you live nearby or are in the area for athletic events on the sports fields or simply enjoying a walk in the woods.

If you parked at the main parking lot, you won’t be able to see the playground right away - to get to it, take either of the two paths that lead to your right along the tennis court through a small group of trees.  Situated at the edge of a large grass field and a forest, there is ample space to run around and explore, with minimum worries about cars and traffic.  A paved pathway and benches divide the fairly compact playground into two.  One side has two swings - a regular and a baby swing -, a horse spring rider and a four-seater spring rider.  The other side has a large metal climbing/sliding structure.  It features two slides of different height, with the lower one being a double slide, and plenty of options for climbing.  Your little ones can try scaling a small rock wall, climb up metal steps, horizontal or vertical ladders, hang from monkey rings, or traverse a bridge of discs on poles.

Nearby are picnic tables and washrooms are at the parking lot.  A walking trail leads out right from the playground into the woods.

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