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Grousewoods Park Playground

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toddler structure | low crowds | low traffic caution | nearby transit | baby swings | picnic tables

This small playground is tucked away in Grousewoods Park, located in a tranquil residential Grousewoods neighborhood.  It features two different height slides, a few structures for climbing, a seesaw, a rocking horse, and one regular and one baby swing.

The playground sits on a small grassy field, but right next to a pretty steep downward angling grassy slope, so it’s not the best place if you have a wild young runner.  A short path leads from the playground to behind the adjacent tennis court and a picnic table on the other side of the tennis court.  There are no washrooms.

Parking is on the street, and traffic worries are fairly minimal as the road is not busy and the playground is reasonably offset from it.

Lack of overall space for free movement and the small playground don’t make this an attractive destination for those who don’t live nearby, but the base of Grouse Mountain is less than a kilometer away, so you may consider stopping by on your way to or from the mountain.

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