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Draycott Park Playground

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toddler structure | toddler swings | low crowd levels | low traffic caution

This lovely playground is situated in the large and woodsy Draycott Park, east of Lynn Valley Road. It combines man made play structures and surrounding natural space (it’s Lynn Valley, after all!) into the perfect spot for a nice afternoon out.

The playground has two regular swings and two baby swings, and a large play structure with climbing nets, bridges, slides and more.  The height isn’t too adventurous so it’s best for younger kids, but your older gang could be heading up a ball game on the adjoining grass field or basketball court a bit further away, or enjoying play in the woods.  The surface under the play structure is wood chip covered ground.

Beyond the play structures, the park boasts wide open green spaces for ball games or picnics, walking trails and a large wooded area complete with a small creek (and mud if you’re there during rainy season) and plenty of opportunities for forest play.  The park is in a quiet residential area and the playground is deep in the park, so if you are concerned about traffic danger, you won’t even hear, not to mention see any cars nearby.  One downside of the park: there are no washrooms.

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