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Digger Park Playground

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toddler structure | high crowds | low traffic caution | sand box| baby swings | picnic tables

This playground can be a bit hard to find if it is your first visit to Inter River, but finding it will offer hours of fun for the whole family!

Digger Park playground is tucked between a row of townhouses on Premier St. and the backlot of the DNV Fire Training centre.  There are quite a few trails leading to it and one of them connects to Lynnmour School Playground, but the easiest way to find it will be to follow our GPS location (click on directions at the bottom of this description).  The playground is at the edge of Digger Forest, and has plenty of green space.

There are a couple of baby swings plus 4 regular size swings.  A toddler structure, spinners and lots of room to run around!

The main play structure has 3 slides (and a double one!) plus several hanging  and climbing options.  A few little mushroom-like steps to jump up and down from plus an area for percussion playing.

One of the main attractions of this playground is a huge sand area.  It has 2 diggers where the kids can sit and move the levers up and down to make the digger transport sand from one side to another.

If you are looking for allocated parking, it can be found by the sports field and dog walking area, but it is a bit of a walk.  You are better off parking on Premier St. and crossing through the townhouse rows.

There are picnic tables but no bathroom facilities.

For more fun, explore the Digger Forest and trails leading up to the east side of Lynn Creek and further north to Inter River Park and Lynn Canyon Park.  Between the trails and the playground options, this is definitely a fantastic playground to plan a day of outdoor fun!

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