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Delbrook Park Playground

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toddler structure | med crowds | bathrooms | gated park | med traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | baby swings

This playground is located just a few steps away from Delbrook Community Centre, next to the tennis courts and Delbrook Park. It has options for both the little ones and some of the more adventurous older kids.

The toddler-friendly structure here is perfect for the younger set. It has a mini tobogan, an easy to climb “wall” and a few musical options like drums to bang and bells to ring.  The little steps are easy to climb and the adjacent spinning wheel provides a great distraction and lots of laughs.

There is a “conveyor belt” mini structure that allows kids to have fun as they explore how and why the floor moves when they try to walk. There are bars to go under and hold onto, so even little ones can experiment with it. The surface is rubberized, so potential falls will be a bit less scary.

The older kids’ structure provides hanging and climbing options as well as a regular slide. There are two swings: a regular one and a baby one.

By the entrance and to the left is a large round structure that rotates. You can sit or lay on it and try to grab on to see if you can go all the way around! (Similar to the one at St. Andrew’s, but smaller).

There’s a nice tree that provides welcome shade on sunny days and a little path with grass and flowers to explore.

This park is partially gated, with good protection on the side of the playground closest to the street, but none on the other end, so you’ll still have to keep an eye out for runaway kids.

The washrooms are shared with the tennis courts, and parking can be found on the street or just around the corner on Delbrook Ave, where there are many dedicated spots. If you park there, you can access the playground from the back of the tennis courts (towards the washrooms), without having to go all the way around via Queens Road.

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