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Bridgeman Park

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toddler structure | med crowds | bathrooms | low traffic caution | public transit nearby | baby swings | picnic tables

A visit to Bridgeman park playground is well deserved if you are in the area or if you want to walk the park and the Spirit Trail.  

The playground is ample and a bit old, it has regular and baby swings and a main structure with slides and plenty of options to hang from.

There are a couple of rocking horses for the little ones and plenty of room to run around.  The playground is far enough from the cars that it allow for free play without having to stress out as much.

Perhaps the most interesting part is the adjoining "Serpent's Tail" a long line of tree stumps cut at different heights which form the shape of a serpent (hence the name).  This is right next to a partially fenced area with picnic tables where the kids can run, play and jump from one tree stump to the next.

There is allocated parking right off Keith Rd. and the bus stop is just west of the main entrance.

With bathrooms on site and plenty of open space, trails and picnic areas this is a lovely spot for a day of fun.

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