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Blueridge Park Playground

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toddler structure | med crowd levels | gated | low traffic caution | public transport | sandbox | baby swings | picnic tables

Blueridge Park has a toddler-friendly playground in a safe, quiet neighbourhood. 

Blueridge Park is in a peaceful community and a block away from the woodlands’ edge. 

The main parking area is along the field side on Berkley road. If you don’t mind crossing the large grassy field to get to the playground, this is the best place to park. If you want to find a parking spot closer to the playground you will have to park on Tompkins Crescent. 

The playground’s first structure is newer and designed for toddlers aged 2-5. There is a low slide with easy steps to climb, a balance bridge, low triangle swing, and a few other activities. There is one baby swing and one is missing. 

The second structure is also a good beginner playground. Although the structure has had a few DIY repairs done, it is still safe and fun to play on. The swing set has two regular swings and is located near the sandbox. 

The sandbox is spacious and has dozens of different digging toys to play with. There are two hiking trails a few blocks away: Hyannis Trail and Baden Powell Trail.

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