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Barbour Park Playground

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toddler structure | low crowds | low traffic caution | sand box | baby swings | picnic tables

This playground, in Barbour Park near Marine Drive, is a toddler’s delight. Several slides, a sandbox, creative climbing options perfect for little people and more beckon you to stop for some fun play time. 

As it’s hidden in a quiet residential neighbourhood, you probably won’t find yourself in this area unless you live nearby, but it’s worth making a plan to come for a visit. The large main structure has two double slides, perfect height for a toddler, a rock wall to climb up and over, and a suspension bridge to traverse. Next to it, you’ll find two rocking structures and more climbing options, from step-like traversing paths to roped structures and a curved metal ladder -- all fairly low to the ground, making it safe and accessible for smaller kids. 

For swing enthusiasts, the playground features both a baby and a regular swing. Also, don’t forget to bring sand toys, as the playground has a sand pit. 

A picnic table right next to the playground offers a convenient place for a snack or meal. If you want space for the kids to run around, the other half of Barbour Park is a grass field. 

While not fully fenced (there is a fence between Bowser Trail and the playground), the park is at the end of a cul-de-sac, so traffic worries are fairly minimal. There is no designated parking, but street parking is usually readily available.

The park borders Bowser Trail, so if you are walking or biking over, you may consider the trail instead of noisy Marine Drive.

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