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Norgate Community School Playground

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toddler structure | low crowds | bathrooms | lighting | low traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | baby swings

Norgate Community School has a wonderfully fun playground. With multiple structures for all skill sets and unique features, this playground has something for everyone.

Norgate Community School is situated south of Marine Drive in a quiet residential community. There is off-street parking with direct access to the playground along Redwood Street and more parking in a lot on Sowden Street. Fencing and a large asphalt playing surface separate the playground from the road. 


The vast play space the school offers is quite spectacular. There are several areas to the playground, offering multiple climbing structures, swings, slides, and balance challenges that cater to all different skill levels.


There are 8 regular swings, 3 baby swings, and a saucer swing that can accommodate several kids at once. There is also a swing with a molded plastic high-back seat and an over-the-shoulder restraining bar that locks into place between a child’s legs. It’s designed for kids who might not have the strength or balance to sit up on their own on a regular swing, but all kids will love pretending they’re getting locked into a roller coaster seat when they try out this swing.  


There are several slides of varying heights on the playground, including one tandem slide that lets you race a friend to the bottom. In addition to the multiple metal climbing structures, there is a large rope climbing structure in the shape of a pyramid. One balance apparatus challenges you to pedal in place with both your arms and legs, simultaneously. Another challenges you to stand on a rubber hammock that rocks side to side. A third invites you to cross from one platform to another via a wobbly balance beam. 


Next to the playground there is a seating area comprised of logs arranged in a circle and a grassy area perfect for a game of catch or frisbee. Adjacent to the play area is a sports field.


This playground is definitely worth visiting and exploring with children of any age. It’s a popular spot on weekends, but the spacious layout makes it feel less crowded than some other popular playgrounds. 


It would be sensible to bring a hat when visiting, as the entire playground is in full sun and there are no shady trees nearby.

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