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Maplewood Farm Playground

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toddler structure | med crowds | gated | low traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | baby swings | picnic tables 

Maplewood Farm playground is located in between Maplewood Farm and the Thrive Family Centre at Maplewood. The parking lot is massive and used for all three locations. The playground is completely gated and separated from the parking lot. As this tends to be a busy place, the gate is sometimes left open. Please, full supervision is a must. There is a picnic table and other seats for tired adults. 


The playground has two structures and two swing sets. Both structures are more suited for older children; however, with proper guidance they can be navigated by toddlers. The smaller structure is duller in colour and has a few fun features. Must-tries include the wobble slide, regular slide, and balance bridge. The ground around the structure is made of gravel and tends to be thrown around by some of the children at this park. The larger playground is a newer installation and is bright and fun. The ground to this structure was once wood chips but has now been overtaken by the gravel tossing. The structure has 6 different ways to climb up the playground and 3 fun slides to zoom down. Don’t forget to try the wobbly balance beam challenge and walk across every wobbly beam. 

The cabin beside the playground is the Thrive Family Centre where you can find tons of information on resources for families with children, a free kids’ clothing swap, free daytime parent participation programs, art classes, and more

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