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Horseshoe Bay Park Playground

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toddler structure | high crowds | bathrooms | high traffic caution | parking | nearby transit | baby swings | picnic tables

This is a beautiful West Vancouver park with a gorgeous setting overlooking the sea.  The giant pirate ship play structure is perfect for toddlers and older kids to plan their treasure-seeking adventures.  It has two levels, so it will keep them occupied for hours!  


In addition to the phenomenal pirate ship play feature, this playground has two separate sets of swings: one with two baby swings and the other with three regular swings plus an extra baby swing. Adjacent to the playground is a water feature in the shape of a whale (more literate kids can play Moby Dick!); although the water’s not always turned on, it’s still fun to climb on.


The playground is not secured against runaway toddlers, but there is a wooden fence that separates the parked cars from the park itself.  It’s located in the centre of Horseshoe Bay with lots of parking available (although it will be busy on the weekends), and public transportation is nearby.


There is plenty of space for picnics, and with cafes, restaurants and an ice-cream shop just across the street, a snack or lunch will be a must. The large lounge chairs overlooking the water provide a nice respite from all the action -- if you can pause for a minute.


It can be a bit windy due to the sea breeze so make sure you come prepared if the day calls for it.

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