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Green Necklace

If you are looking for a family walk, run or a biking trip smack in the centre of North Vancouver, check out Green necklace.  It is a 7.5 km long continuous off-street multi use path that circles North Vancouver, connecting several playgrounds, commercial areas, parks and green spaces (it’s called Green Necklace for a reason) for a fantastic all-family loop with a diverse scenery.  All on a paved path to make it easier.  If you don’t want to do the full loop, you can choose sections to connect your favourite places for an out-and-back. 



You can access the Green Necklace anywhere along the route (see the map).   You can find washrooms in several of the parks along the way like Fen Burdett Memorial Stadium at Mahon Park in the west and Ray Perrault Park in the east.  Those parks also have a dedicated parking lot.  If you are looking for a longer trip, note that there is a multi-use path connecting Green Necklace with Spirit Trail, running along Bewicke Ave and Keith Road.  For food and refreshments, the most diverse options will be on Lonsdale Avenue that the path crosses twice (north and south). 

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 19.10.45.png


The Green Necklace is well marked with street signs, and features a green dashed line on the pavement separating two directions of travel, so you are unlikely to lose the trail.  Fun fact: the idea for the Green Necklace was first put forward by Edward Mahon more than 100 years ago. The walking/cycling path runs along Keith Road in the south and 21st/23rd St. in the north, Jones Avenue in the west and Grand Boulevard in the east.  We’ll describe the route here clockwise, starting at Jones Avenue and W. Keith Road intersection in the southwest, but you can do the route any which way you wish.  

The western part tends to follow regular sidewalks with street crossings at every block, so if biking with a young child, you’ll need to stay vigilant.  Along Jones Avenue, you’ll pass by Mahon Park Playground and sports fields.  The Green Necklace turns right on 21st St, traveling past Wagg Creek Park and its playground, crosses busy Lonsdale Avenue (great stop for restocking your snacks if need be) and then turns up to 23rd St, eventually making it to the edge of Greenwood Park.  Note that the route from Jones up to Greenwood features a steady climb.

The eastern part of the path is more tranquil, and has fewer street crossings if that is a concern for your family.  The Green Necklace passes by the forested Greenwood park and then runs along the wide garden boulevard of Grand Boulevard with plenty of views, green space and benches to stop for a snack.  You’ll pass by Ray Perrault Park sports fields and playground and eventually turn right onto Keith Road.  The path down to Keith from Greenwood is a steady downhill, but a gradual one.  Once at Keith Road, the tranquility is behind you and the urban high density of Central Lonsdale awaits.  You’ll pass through large Victoria Park with lawns, benches and room to roam as you run/bike/walk back to Jones Avenue. 

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