Theatre for kids on the North Shore

by Annie Novoa

If you are like me, you’ll try to expose your kid(s) to as many different experiences as possible.  The pandemic definitely took a lot of things off the table, but thankfully a few more options have been opening up while adhering to Public Health Orders.


Like theatre!  On the North Shore, we are lucky to have Presentation House Theatre.  They are located at 333 Chesterfield Ave. and their cozy location provides an excellent setting for family plays.  A location that’s well served by public transit is always a welcome perk!


I was thrilled to be able to take my little one to his very first play at the Presentation House Theatre for their rendition of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are”.


What the production was like: Not “grownup” style where you sit in seats and watch.  Completely interactive: kids got to participate and hold props (if they wanted to) or just sit on their adult’s lap and take  in the whole thing.  COVID protocols are in place, Presentation House Theatre respects and follows all Public Health Orders regarding masks, capacity, and physical distancing plus proof of vaccination is needed prior to enter the building.


Tip: We took out a copy of the book from our local library and after reading it daily for a week my little one was completely familiar with the story and all the characters, this enhanced his enjoyment of the play as there were no questions or misunderstandings.  I highly recommend getting familiar with any material prior to a show, it really makes a difference!  


Fun extra: When purchasing your tickets you can choose the option to collect an actual ticket at the theatre.  This gives little (and even big) kids something to hold on to, rather than just a paper copy, they can hold an actual ticket in their hand and this adds to the excitement.

Holiday Baking Time_Kayla Isomura photo_Julie Trepanier + Manami Hara performers.jpg
Holiday Baking Time_Kayla Isomura photo_Julie Trepanier 2.jpg

Photos courtesy of PHT by Kayla Isomura feat. Julie Trepanier + Manami Hara


What’s next: “Baking Time” by Tim Webb and Kim Selody.  Doris from Presentation House Theatre sent us the information below to prepare our little ones:




To buy tickets for their upcoming show CLICK HERE.


I am sure you and your kids will have a fantastic time and we look forward to many more shows.