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Stearman Beach

This large fun beach, hidden in a residential area in West Vancouver, offers plenty of space and interesting features from driftwood to tide pools to streams for kids of all ages.  The only drawback is lack of facilities. 




Beach access is via a short foot path that begins off of Ross Crescent right after a turn from Stearman Ave.  Look for a small parking lot, fitting 6-7 cars, and a sign for the beach.  If the lot is full, you can park on the neighbouring streets, but do observe the parking signs - most parking is limited to 3 hours.  There are no washrooms at the beach, so plan accordingly.  The footpath is stroller friendly, and there are a couple of park benches at the edge of the beach.




This beach is quite large, especially during low tide, and has a great open feel, inviting to explore.  At the northern edge of the beach, right at the entrance, you’ll find finer sand and driftwood.  Except for this narrow strip of sand, you’ll find largely coarse sand mixed with pebbles and seashells at a ratio where most may prefer wearing water shoes.  A stream (Willow Creek) trickles through the beach towards the ocean, and is perfect for little feet to wade in during dog days of summer to cool off or to play any time - the wet sand under the stream is good for building castles.  East of the entrance you’ll find a large tidal pool with shallow water with a sandy bottom.  The beach surface gets progressively rockier as you approach the water’s edge, especially during low tide.  If you look to your right (west), you can see Caulfeild Beach, and depending on how low the tide is, walk almost all the way over there.



You can walk over to Caulfeild Beach via Marine Drive (~1km), or if you are looking for refreshments, stop either at Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre before hopping on the highway or head east on Marine Drive.

Check today's tide times and charts HERE (low tide = more fun!)
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