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Sandy Cove Beach

This little known gem in West Vancouver is usually very quiet, even during nice summer days, and has a good amount of space for kids to run around or go splash/swim in the water during warm weather.  The only drawbacks are lack of facilities, and stair access.



The beach may be a bit hard to find - in your navigation app, follow directions to Sandy Cove Park.  There is no designated parking lot, but there is a small pullout, suitable for a few cars, on the south side of Marine Drive.  You can also park on neighbouring streets.  The access to the beach is via a long set of stairs that lead down and go under Marine Dr (look for them on the north side of Marine Dr, at the sign for Sandy Cove Park), so you can't get there with a stroller or wheelchair.  At the bottom of the stairs, you'll come to a small grass field - you'll see the path leading to the beach past the bushes.  You'll have to climb over large pieces of driftwood to get to the beach from the access trail, so if you have a little runner, you can consider the beach pseudo fenced.  There are no washrooms nearby, so plan accordingly.



The beach is sand mixed with pebbles, so you may need water shoes.  You’ll find your usual assortment of rocks and driftwood that’s great for open ended play.  The beach is fairly large and wide if you come during low tide.  The beachfront has a notable tilt towards the water, so this may not be the best place for toy trucks and beach balls unless you enjoy constantly running down to the water to fish them out. 



As the beach is in a residential area, there aren’t a lot of options within walking distance.  If you fancy a forested walk in the woods, check out the nearby McKechnie Park.  Or stop by another beach as you travel along Marine Drive. 

Check today's tide times and charts HERE (low tide = more fun!)
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