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North Shore Stories

In this section, we hope to share stories and anecdotes from local parents and carers to bring our community a little bit closer together.  If you bump into them out there make sure you say hi! Remember that a stranger is just a friend you have not yet met, until now!

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Daniel Wynter

Meet Daniel, a dad who chose to take paternity leave while his wife went back to work after their daughter was born. Read about his adventures navigating the joys of new parenthood.

Kristin Mander

Meet Kristin, a local mom who found herself a bit isolated after the birth of her first-born and decided to turn to Instagram to connect with other moms. She is now one of the top influencer moms on the North Shore!

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James Smith

Meet James, an import from across the pond who now calls the North Shore his home. An award-winning blogger and podcaster in love with our local mountains who chose to raise his daughter in the best place on Earth.

Allie Mennie

Meet Allie, a mum who decided to become a doula and help families across the North Shore go through one of the most important stage of their lives: becoming new parents.

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Stay tuned! There will be lots more funny, heart-warming and interesting stories and interviews from around our community!
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