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Jenn Messina

Dietitian | Wellness Coach

Here are the top questions Jenn gets asked, email us yours!

What does a Dietitian actually DO?


Dietitians are meant to help translate the science of nutrition into tangible (and tasty) meals that satisfy your body and soul. We are trained to get to the root of the issue, spot areas of success or deficiencies, help you feel your best, and become healthier whether there is a chronic disease involved or not. We are also the trusted source of evidence-based nutrition, help debunk myths, and give you a clear idea of the newest fads. We aren’t here to sell you pills or teas or quick fixes. We are here to give you real information and guide you along the path that you choose.

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?


In this day of modern technology everyone is a “nutrition expert”. So I wanted to clarify what exactly a dietitian is! Registered Dietitians (or an RD) has 4 years minimum of undergraduate education, over 1,500 hours of supervised practice (aka real in person hands-on experience), a provincial board exam, and a requirement for continuing education to maintain our RD credential. We go through very similar undergraduate training as doctors and then on top of that are required to take many nutrition classes as well foundational science like biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, anatomy and so much more.


There is no standard for the title “Nutritionist”, this could be someone with a PHD in Nutrition but it could also be someone with ONE online course in nutrition. Registered Dietitians are regulated by a College of Dietitians so we are the most trusted source of reliable, life-changing advice that takes into account your medical conditions, social factors, dietary and lifestyle factors and your personal goals.

​What are the top reasons people see a dietitian? There are so many reasons clients come to see me here are a few:

  • Concerns about their weight

  • Desire to stop the ‘diet roller coaster’ and make long term changes

  • Lifestage: fertility, pregnancy, postpartum repletion, menopause

  • Digestive concerns

  • Special diets: such vegan, vegetarian, gluten free

  • Suspected or diagnosed food sensitivities

  • Meal planning and cooking 1 meal for everyone

  • Picky kids



How can you help me with meal planning?


I love helping families plan healthy (and delicious) meals that take minimal prep and use batch cooking strategies and leftovers to help streamline the process. We start with your family size, allergies/intolerances, preferences and time constraints and I build a customized digital meal plan to meet your needs. These include step by step instructions and a virtual grocery list to minimize shopping time and limit shopping trips to once per week! Meal plans are generally 3-5 days in length and 6-8 weeks long. I will teach you the strategies to help build your own plan as we go!

How much does a Dietitian Cost?


Registered Dietitian services are often covered under Extended Health Insurance plans (similar to massage therapists or chiropractors). Dietitians can now “direct bill” to insurance companies. This means less out of pocket expenses and more time focusing on what is important to you. Initial Assessments are 60 minutes in length and include a detailed summary of your nutrition plan and unlimited email support for 3 weeks following the session. 

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