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Indoor Fun For Kids

Yes, it still exists!

We are all about outdoor fun over here at North Shore Kids, especially now during the pandemic.  However, let’s face it: there are days where we just don’t want to be outside in a sheet of rain and fight to stay comfortable in the freezing temperature.  Take heart: while a number of drop-in programs or facilities are currently not operating, there still are indoor options that you can take your kids or whole family to and have fun.  We’ve done the research for you, so all you have to do is pick what will work best for your family. 

Public swimming at one of the community recreation centres, either in West Vancouver or North Vancouver.  You can pre-register online for a time slot for public swim in the leisure pool if the centre has it or main pool if your child is older, and enjoy family time in the water.  Note that change rooms are closed at this time as per pandemic safety protocols. For West Vancouver Recreation Centre, CLICK HERE for North Vancouver Recreation Centres, CLICK HERE.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 21.27.24.png

Family ice skating at one of the North Vancouver Recreation Centre Ice Arenas.  What can be more Canadian than strapping on a pair of skates and bringing the kids on the ice?  Go HERE to pre-register for a time slot.

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Castle Royale at Park Royal.  This very large high octane fun indoor activity gym offers a wide range of physical challenges for kids of all ages, from climbing to sliding, bouncing, and ball drops.  No pre-booking is required, but the facility operates under reduced capacity. Check out their website HERE.


Laserdome Plus at Dollarton Highway.  This huge facility offers fun for all ages: from laser tag and rock climbing to a soft-padded jungle gym. Call ahead to reserve your time slot.  Visit their website for more details HERE.


Climbing at the Hive.  If “no climbing on the furniture” is your steady mantra at home with your kids, consider taking them to a real climbing gym.  Hive on Dollarton Highway has a kids’ room that is separate from the main area to give little climbers a bit more space.  Check the web site for the required adult:child ratio for your kid’s age: note that for kids under 13, the supervising adult may not climb.  Call the gym to pre-register for your session and visit their website HERE.

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Go bowling at King Pins on Lonsdale.  Few things say all around family fun for all ages more than an afternoon or evening of bowling! You can reserve your lane in advance, and the alley has bowling shoes even for younger kids.  The entrance to the bowling alley is via P2 level of the parking garage under Whole Foods on Lonsdale (it may be a bit hard to find at first, just look for their sign on the wall). Visit their website HERE.

Now grab your whole family and go have some indoor fun, you'll have a fantastic time and will surely forget about the dark clouds outside, even if just for a few hours! 

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