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A visit to Horseshoe Bay


Whether you are looking for a quick escape from the routine, a new spot to explore without the long drive or need something to do while waiting for the ferry, Horseshoe Bay is the perfect choice to enjoy a few hours of fun with the kids.

If you have not been there in a while (or at all), then getting to Horseshoe Bay is very simple.  If you are driving, just follow the signs, and Hwy 1 will take you right into the centre of town.  There are several parking options: if you want to spend only a couple of hours, there is free parking along Bay St. and Bruce St. If you want to enjoy a nice meal and spend more time enjoying the scenery, there are a couple of pay-parking spots, right in front of the ferry terminal or across from it.  There are also buses that bring you right into the heart of Horseshoe Bay.


Here’s our tips, based on the time you want to spend in Horseshoe Bay:

Less than 2 hours:

Maybe you just need to wait a bit before your ferry leaves?  If you get there with plenty of time, you are allowed to leave your car in the terminal and go visit the village.  You just need to make sure you take your tickets with you.

Grab the kids and walk over to Flour Bakery on Bruce Street and get a delicious snack.  Keep walking along Bruce St. and turn right towards the water, you’ll end up in the main plaza.  From there you can keep walking down to the water and let the kids explore. We found all kinds of fun things including crabs, oysters (in their shells), lots of birds and plenty of rocks.  From here you can wave the ferries goodbye or explore the park and playground, with its pirate ship and giant whale worthy of Moby Dick, it is a super fun playground to play in and imagine adventures in faraway lands.  For the full description CLICK HERE.


2-4 hours:


Try the above but then choose your perfect meal: from grabbing takeout (sandwiches or fish & chips) to enjoying a nice meal in any of the restaurants on Bay St.   If the kids want a longer play day, grab your takeout and organise an impromptu picnic.  Troll’s offers sit-down service but they also have a takeout window so you can enjoy a proper meal while the kids run around in the park.  There are benches and chairs all around the park, just be very aware of the crows and seagulls, they have just as great a taste in food as you do!


Most of the village is stroller friendly, only going down to the water may not be as easy with all the rocks and shells.  Do be careful with the little ones if exploring this area, the sharp shells and rocks may present a danger for the toddlers if they lose their balance and fall.

To complete your visit, there are two places for ice cream/frozen yogurt: Berry's Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream   and Baskin Robbins.


Horseshoe Bay is such a cute, interesting and picturesque village that Netflix chose it as its location for their new series “Nancy Drew”.  You will easily recognise it if you watch the show. They claim Horseshoe Bay is full of mysteries…

If you are local to the area and would like to comment or potentially add any “insiders” tips to this article, please let us know! We would love to hear from you.

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