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Where to take your kid for a haircut on the North Shore?

The new look called “Covid hair” is the in thing at the moment, but there comes a day when those long curls, bangs or that thing in the back that kinda looks like a mullet need a trim (or a complete bye-bye). So where do you take the kids for a haircut on the North shore?


Sparky's Kutz For Kidz at the Quay is open and helps parents and carers navigate through that stressful first (or 200th) haircut for their little ones.  They cater to newborns to 7-ish years old.  The owner, Max Nejati mentioned that their youngest client was only 3 months old! 

Kid Hair.png

Their professionally trained staff will make sure your little one has a fantastic experience.  Their premises have colourful cars (kids can pick what they want to “drive”) and a carefully curated selection of cartoons on their TVs - but requests are welcome too!


Max explained that he wanted to create a place where kids would enjoy themselves and never see having their hair cut as a boring, scary or even clinical experience.  “I didn’t want the place to look like a doctor’s office, I want the kids to look forward to coming for a haircut”.


The salon and staff adhere to COVID-19 health regulations: the staff wears masks and face shields plus gloves and they are using disposable capes for the kids.  Only one kid and one adult at a time can be inside the salon.  The whole place is wiped clean and disinfected after each client.


Max gave us one last tip: “Please trust your hairstylist, they are trained to read kids’ behaviour.  If we notice that children are not very comfortable, we will do our best to be as quick as possible so they don’t stress out too much, but if they are enjoying themselves it will be our pleasure to make their experience a fun one!”.


Sparky's Kutz For Kidz is located on the second floor of the Lonsdale Quay Market and is open 7 days a week 11am-5pm. Reservations are highly encouraged to avoid having to wait - although if you do have some time to kill, there is a little play area just outside. Max has graciously offered NSK readers a 10% discount, just show them the coupon below to save! Oh and all kids get a balloon as a parting gift.


Call to book your appointment: (604) 990-4900. Click HERE to see their rates.


Kid photo courtesy of Sparky's Kutz for Kidz @sparkyshairsalons

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