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Fisherman’s Trail via Homestead/Twin Bridges loop

This is an amazing kid-friendly loop hike in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve that features not only a lush forest, but also remnants of old homesteads including a brick fireplace, a tunnel, picnic tables at the river conveniently midway through the hike, and the majestic Seymour River Suspension Bridge.  It’s a great 5 kilometre walk for kids of all ages, as the easy footing makes it accessible even for younger tots.


The trailhead at the end of Lillooet Road, right after Seymour Capilano Filtration Plant has a very large parking lot with an overflow lot, and also washrooms.  If you drive up Lillooet Road, you’ll see several smaller lots to your left and right - ignore them, and instead follow signs at the very end of the road to the lot on your right.  The trail surface is largely smooth, so it would be perfect for strollers if it weren’t for the inclines: only try this with a stroller if you feel confident handling steep up- and downhill.  Bikes are not allowed on Homestead trail, but the rest of the loop is bike friendly, so you could do an out and back.  Again, note that you and your kids would have to be comfortable biking down and up a steep hill, about 130 meters (430 feet) of elevation.  Note that you can also get to Fisherman’s Trail via trails leading out of Hyannis point, but that access doesn’t have a dedicated parking lot and washrooms.



This loop hike leaves the hard work till the end: instead of climbing up and reaching a highpoint for the middle of the loop, you’ll descend down to Seymour River from the starting point, then walk along the river, and finally climb back up to the parking lot.  While we recommend you do the loop clockwise (down Homestead and up Twin Bridges Trail), if you are pushing a stroller, consider whether you want the steepest path to be your uphill or downhill.


Homestead trail will soon dead end into Fisherman’s Creek trail, where you’ll take a right.  The trail largely follows the river, and there are a number of access paths from the main trail that lead to spots overlooking the river that would be perfect for a snack or a break.  To see the old brick fireplace and reach the picnic tables, you will take a left at an unmarked intersection with the Elbow Trail (see picture).  The unmarked turnoff happens very shortly after the trail curves and breaks away from the river.  Once you are on the Elbow Trail, don’t forget to check out an abandoned brick oven that is immediately to your left!  Follow The Elbow trail to picnic tables that overlook the Seymour River. 

Back on Fisherman’s Creek Trail, a few hundred meters from the Elbow turnoff, you’ll find a cool tunnel on your right, cut through the rock.  It was once used as a water pipeline when the trail was a gravel road.  Shortly afterwards you’ll come to an intersection with the Twin Bridges trail that will bring you back up and a view of the bridge over Seymour River.  We highly recommend you go check out the bridge!  A meandering uphill walk on Twin Bridges Trail leads you back to where you started.

Pic 3.3

Rain or shine, this hike is a fantastic adventure for the whole family!

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