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Ask-the-Experts: Talk Directly to North Shore ‘kid’ Experts

We want to share something exciting that we’ve been working on here at North Shore Kids - our Ask-an-Expert panel. Parenthood can be a wild ride, no matter whether it’s your first child or third or more, and one ridden with self-doubt and questions - so many questions! - about child health, development and more.  We’ve probably all been there - gone down the rabbit hole of online forums and articles searching for answers and growing more frightened by every consumed paragraph, or listened to well-meaning but confusing and contradictory advice from relatives and friends.  


Well, we over here at North Shore Kids think we can collectively do better, and here’s where our Ask-an-Expert panel comes in.  We are fortunate to live in an amazing community with terrific experts in all things ‘kids’ from general health to dentistry to diet to physical development - the list goes on and on. 


We’ve put together an initial list of experts who will answer any 'kid' related questions you may have - really anything!


Please meet Jenn Messina, a Registered Dietician; Dr. Zina Alkafaji, a pediatric dentist; and Donna Pratico-Lehto, a Public Health nurse.  We are working on adding a few more specialists - do let us know if you have your favourites.


How do you get your questions in front of our panel?  You email them to us:  So next time you find yourself stumped and wishing you had ‘someone to ask’, know that you do.  Us.  Drop us a note and we’ll find the right expert.  Chances are, you are not the only one losing sleep over those issues, and other parents would love to read the responses too.  Can’t wait to hear from you. 

In the meanwhile, to get you inspired, click the button below to read introductions to our experts:

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