Textures Scavenger Hunt

Explore nature and your surroundings in a fun and interactive way! 


Kids love textures: getting their fingers deep into sand, mud, grass, pebbles.  Slithery things can cause laughter and giggles! Touching and scratching various surfaces can be quite the new experience for many of them or a fun pastime for more experienced ones.

We have put together a scavenger hunt that combines a variety of textures for you and your family to enjoy.  The hunt will entertain the kids for some time, while allowing them to experiment and discover various textures around their backyard, neighbourhood or while out on a hike.


Check out our hikes and parks for ideas HERE.


Younger kids may need guidance and younger tots may need more supervision around certain textures.


Post your findings on Instagram and see what other kids are finding! Tag @nskidsbc #nskfun


Have fun and let the hunt begin!