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Wagg Creek Park Playground

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toddler structure | low crowds | low traffic caution

This small playground in Wagg Creek Park, while not a destination in its own right, makes for a nice quick stop while exploring the small park or biking by on The Green Necklace urban greenway.

The playground has a toddler friendly climbing structure with a double slide, including a roped climbing feature.  In addition, you can find a spring-action teeter-totter and two stand-up spinners here.  There are no swings or picnic tables.  Your young ones will probably not stay entertained at the playground for long, but Wagg Creek Park, albeit small, is a wonderful urban oasis for nature exploration, play or riding on a small bike.

Surrounded by the park and greenway in three directions and a low traffic street in the fourth, you don’t need to stress about traffic.  Same cannot be said about washrooms as there are none in the park.  There is a small parking lot right near the playground where 21st St W meets Wagg Creek Park, but you can enter the park also from Mahon Avenue entrance and walk the short trail to the playground.

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