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Kilmer Park Playground and Splash Park

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toddler structure | medium crowd levels | bathrooms | low traffic caution | transit nearby | baby swings | parking | splash park

Kilmer park playground is tucked away to the side of the large fields and behind the splash park.

There is a parking lot and bathrooms which makes it ideal when out with little ones.  The play structure is small but has plenty of options to play and even an “ice cream” counter for imaginary sales.

One slide and 2 smaller ones plus a “junior” size monkey bar which tots can reach makes this a great option for younger children.  The park has one baby swing and one regular sized one.  The adjacent woods or large field will provide plenty of space for great exercise!

There is a bench but no picnic tables in the area. Easy access through public transport.

The seasonal water park is small but it has great options for little ones too.  There are no aggressive jets and plenty of little trickles to play with.  The water fixture in the middle will cause a big splash though!

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